Growth Marketing Professionals

Growth is too Important to be Left to the Marketing Department

We are a digital marketing agency.

We are made up of online advertising mavens, search engine wrangling internet cowboys, automation wizards and PPC gurus.

But why are we talking about us when our company exists for you? Your brand. Your vision. Your growth, profits and success.

We’re just here to make sure the world stops to see your shining star.

Why Squirrel?

Besides their adorable woodland creature goodness, squirrels are all about collecting and preparing, like us. We collect data, collect leads, collect sales, all to prepare your brand for success.

Our Goal

To grow your brand to a household name using data-driven growth digital marketing strategies. Oh and generally kick a$$.


Chief Strategist

After a lifetime of selling everything from shoes to software, Ryan has spent the last 10 years mastering the fine art of digital marketing. Using a blend of website design, SEO magic, PPC precision, and social engagement he drove his business, Nerds on Call, to success spending several years on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing company list. Now he brings that expertise to Squirrel Digital Marketing clients, crafting digital marketing plans that drive growth and revenue.


Creative Director

“She writes good words,” or something like that. From creating engaging and whimsical ad copy to catchy headlines and informative blogs, Andrea has spent the last decade writing segments for TV shows on NBC, FOX, ABC, the CW, and CBS as well as a weekly newspaper column for a USA Today newspaper. Andrea devises ways to get your brand in front of potential customers without feeling like a typical ad.


Marketing Technologist

A lead front-end developer, UX/UI designer and growth marketer, Schonne cares passionately about creating high-quality and engaging digital products. He's founded several successful digital companies and has worked in international education, healthcare, insurance, and growth marketing industries.


Operations Manager

Because “Badass Miracle Worker” isn’t officially a job title. Jack of all trades and master of everything, Shane keeps the ship running and our cogs moving smoothly. Need a guy to create awe-inspiring videos for your ad campaign? Shane will find him. Locate and migrate to a dynamic web hosting service within the budget? Shane’s on it. And so much more.


Client Coordinator

When it comes to spinning plates, Nick’s more talented than a Chinese acrobat. Whether he’s balancing the needs of time and resources, coordinating the tasks needed to achieve a client’s objectives or debating the finer points of Game of Thrones, Nick gets it done.