Reputation Management

Today’s customers perform extensive online research on businesses before finalizing a purchase decision.

The reviews they unearth about you can make or break your business.

90% of people are influenced by these reviews. Any negative assessment can be a permanent stain on your reputation continuously impacting your financial prosperity.

You need to be alert and proactive to such feedback.

We help cultivate your reputation by managing feedback on social media, blogs, and review sites to build trust and credibility around your brand.

We also create an after-sales process to dissuade negative reviews from taking root.

Monitor conversations online that mention your brand

Our reputation management process utilizes a dual-approach of repair and prevention.

We begin by conducting an Internet-wide audit to uncover any mention of your business.

Be wary of any reputation management scheme that promises that they’ll get negative reviews removed from the internet.

We construct a plan of attack to respond to damaging or negative review on your behalf.

Negative reviews can have a lasting impact if left untreated.

negative review

We work with review site curators to remove inaccurate reviews, when possible, or drive negative ratings and comments down to where they aren’t as prominent in search results.

A customized after-sales review process

New customers are most likely to review your business.

We create a customized after-sales email funnel to segment happy and unhappy customers, so that bad reviews can be handled internally before they go public.

After each purchase, customers are asked to rate you with a thumbs-up or thumb-down.

Depending on their answer, customers are segmented accordingly.

Happy customers are taken to a landing page where they are asked to review your business on platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Yelp (or industry-specific platforms).

When possible, we pre-fill star ratings and auto-select the review box to reduce friction and increase the likelihood of a positive review being left.

review landing page

Unhappy customers are taken on a different path.

They are connected with your customer service team so that you can handle complaints privately and avoid a bad rating going public.

Don’t let others dictate the success of your business

Let us help you take control of your brand’s reputation and ensure a competitive edge.


Why is a good reputation so important?

Nobody wants to deal with a shady or unethical business.

Reputation management lets you control how people view, think, and discuss your brand in a public environment.

How can I find out about my online reputation?

Run a quick search for your business on Google or industry-specific review sites. The results will provide an accurate reflection of your public image and perception.

How can a reputation be damaged?

There are numerous ways to attack a brand’s reputation online.

The most common method is to leave negative comments on social media and review sites to discourage others from becoming a customer.

Is it possible to completely remove a negative review from the web?

It is nearly impossible to remove a review once it’s online.

However, you can bury negative reviews so that potential customers don’t stumble across them. This is also why we work hard with our after-sales process to deter such reviews.

How long does this take?

This is an ongoing process. As long as your business has an online presence, you need to be mindful of your image and what others say about you.

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